We give back to the chailden's of jamaica. Water network jamaica donation to the Palmyra Foundation charity, Books 4 Kids Jamaica.
We are opening the frist kids kiteboarding club in jamica, a program of two to three weeks for your kids to learn kiteboarding, communieation skill and much more fun. if you child is 16 up he/she can learn kiteboarding and become a IKO  Assistant Instructor. COMING SOON.
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Group Lessons are perfect for couples, friends or families who want to learn Kite Surfing in a fun and affordable way. Group sizes are either 2 or 4 people per Instructor. Individual people can join group lessons if we have another client available to make up a pair. People on a Group Lesson learn the “Buddy System” where 2 people learn while sharing one Kite. This allows people to watch and learn while their “Buddy” practises before trying themselves. Group Lessons are given in 2-hour sessions twice a day, one in the morning and the second after lunch.
Private Lessons are for people who want to learn Kite Surfing in the least amount of time and with maximum input from their Instructor. Lessons are adapted to personal abilities and learning needs allowing an accelerated progress through the IKO Levels. Private Lessons lets you have full use of all equipment for the duration of the lesson. Private Lessons are given in 3-hour sessions each day.
Water Sports
With our International Kiteboarding Organization, head instructor fully motivated and ten years experience of water sport and kiteboarding/kitesurfing ready to make you dreams happened.

Full one and one or group lessons with the instructor all gear are included, with your owne gear 5% off your lesson.
Wind NE - 14 to 25 up knots, most days wind pick up around 10 am and drop around 5-6 pm. Some days all day and night.
So you’ve heard about this awesome, not-so-new-anymore, sport that’s taking over the beaches and skies around the world called kitesurfing, or otherwise known as kiteboarding… and you’ve finally decided to see what the fuss is all about? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Making a Difference
One of our goals from day one has been to contribute positively to the kitesurfing industry in everything we do. Environmental awareness and promoting the development of youth and girls in kitesurfing are projects that lie close to our heart.

Irie Kiteboarding

has created the perfect training course that allows you to become a safe and confident Kite Boarder
while passing all the IKO levels needed. You can choose to take your lessons Privately or in a Group of two.
Kid’s Fun Kiteboarding Experience:

This class is designed to give your child a cool, fun intro to kiteboarding. It’s all about exploring kiteboarding, learning at their own pace, lots of positive reinforcement and gentle teaching techniques.

Kids will play on the beach, flying our 2 m trainer kite with our professional IKO certified instructors (kids LOVE this, just learning how to move the kite is fun!)

Later, when your child is ready, we will go in the water for our first “body drags” .We will be in the water with them at all times. Our guys know how to make it easy, safe and fun for your kids. Your kids can even go for tandem rides with our qualified instructors!
We offers kite lessons for even very small children; our emphasis on safety and fun for your young ones.
Kite Lessons for Kids!
To provide an ultimate, memorable and fun filled kiteboarding and water sport experience in a safe environment to all students and customers.
Jamaica offers ultimate water sport, Kiteboarding, SUP, Scuba, Snuba, wake-boarding, Flyboarding and many more. With our sunny, warm temperature and wind all year round and amazing nightlife.
Jamica is a well known place for many water sports activities, now irie kiteboarding jamaica kite school is working along with water sports companies to make kite boarding a more popular water sport activty in jamaica.
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